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Pinupdollcollection: Enhance Your Pin-up Collection

I was shopping around for affordable good quality pinup dresses when I came across Marta's shop, she's a dressmaker from Szeged, in the Southern part of Hungary who decided to fuse her love of sewing with her love for pinup style fashion When she couldn't quite find clothing that matched her taste. Thus creating her shop "Pinupdollcollection" I talked to Marta to get know more about her, and her shop.

How did you get into pin-up style fashion?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
I guess I started to adore the ladies on 50s graphics when I was at primary school...many years ago! I didn't realize what style it was at that time only that it was something most beautiful and full of feminity ever. Later I got interested and learned about what era and style it was. At that time back in the 90s, this style was unavailable in Hungary so it took many more years till I was able to get my very first dress, a real vintage salmon colored circle skirted beauty (still preciously preserved in my wardrobe), and then there was no stop to it. So, basically, pin-up was the style I adored and considered perfect even before I realized what it exactly was.

Is there an active pinup community where you from? If so are you involved with it?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
There are retro-rockabilly community organizing dance events from time to time locally, but I am not very much involved. Sometimes I go out for the dances, though but unfortunately no other connected programs are offered.

How did you get into designing?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
I have always admired 50s clothing and back in the 2000s, I discovered the possibility of ordering online from abroad. Even though I ordered many dresses I had a lot of ideas what I would want to wear but could not find corresponding pieces. Then it occurred to me that I should probably make it for myself. That was the point when I bought my first sewing machine and after seeing the first results and thinking realizing how much possibility there is in creating dresses, I decided to learn how to sew properly. Since then there is hardly any day without designing or sewing.

How did you get into designing pinup style dresses?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
Pinup was the only style that inspired me for designing and dressmaking, so basically I have never made anything else than that.

Why did you Start Your shop?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
After making many dresses for myself and turning it to my everyday clothing, I received a lot of compliments and inquiries to make dresses to order. This gave me the idea to create custom-made dresses and also go online to make it available for anyone who likes my designs.

What kind of fabric are your dresses made of?
They are almost exclusively made of cotton. There are different varieties and qualities of cotton I use that makes prices really varied. I prefer US cotton above anything else due to the high quality, great hold that is perfect for the big skirts, and beautiful prints. I also use many cotton fabrics from Europe and some from Japan. Rarely I use other fabrics, like jersey, polycotton when the print is irresistible.
Any new designs we can look forward to?
Marta, PinupDollCollection, online pinup shop,
I am planning to create a collection with the absolute classic 50s look, an elegant line with detailed designs. From really high-quality polished cotton floral fabrics. I already have the fabrics in my warehouse and the beautiful designs in my mind.

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