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Meet The Designer Bringing Vintage Broaches Back To The forefront

Headscarves, gloves, even hair flowers are frequently worn in the pinup community. But it seems like broaches/pins have been forgotten. But not entirely, I spoke to this self-employed mom from Mami Florida who fused her love of pinup fashion and pins together. Thus creating "Bobby Pins Co" to get to know more her fun but somewhat risqué shop.

Can you give some back round on your life and how it led you to start designing?
Gabriela Companioni
Well, I’ve always loved art and creating things ever since I could remember! I’m also a beauty school drop-out so that’s a fun fact!

Why did you start Bobby Pins Co?
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I started Bobby Pins Co partly as a fun creative outlet and partly out of necessity! I was working retail when my husband and I found out we were going to be parents, it was important to us that I could be able to stay home, so I started Bobby Pins Co so I could work from home! I’m so blessed that I’m able to stay home, help provide for my family, and do what I love!

Of all the things to design why did you choose pins?

Click picture to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
I’ve always loved brooches and I use to collect vintage brooches as a kid! Enamel pins seemed like a fun way to incorporate my art into a brooch like an accessory that anyone could wear in many different ways!

Why and how did you get into pinup fashion and lifestyle?
I fell in love with retro fashion and the lifestyle as a young teen! It started with music, I loved oldies (from The Andrew Sisters to The Supremes and everything in between) it evolved from there and really took off when I discovered the pinup community online!

Which is your favorite design and why?
This is tough because all of my designs are my favorite when I first make them! I get such a rush when an idea comes to my mind and I’m finally able to execute it! So I’m going to have to say my favorite design is the next one I make!

You also make key rings and T-shirts, but I see you only have one T-shirt Do you plan on making more T-shirts with different designs?
 Click picture to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off
Click to buy and use the code 'THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
I would love to have a larger range of apparel one day but right now my studio, office, stock room is my dining room so I have limited room for stock. Pins and accessories are perfect because they’re small!

Your designs can be a little…. dare I say. Risque... Did a particular pinup such as Bettie Page or Pinup artist such as John Willie inspire you?
 Click to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off!
Click to buy and use the code "THATPINUP15" for 15% off
It’s true some of my designs are on the risqué side and it’s ironic because if you ask anyone that knows me I’m actually a pretty modest and shy person! I think it’s because art has the power to give me the freedom to do and create whatever I want! Even if I’m normally reserved or insecure, art gives me the ability to create the opposite or whatever I want! Also, I do love Bettie Page and John Willie’s art so maybe that’s it!

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