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How Do Modern Burlesque Dancers Feel About Being Modern Burlesque Dancers?

Burlesque dancing has been around for quite some time, but the negative stigma that comes along with being a dancer still remains. Here on this blog, I want to encourage women to find their inner pin-up girl, no matter what profession they choose to go into. Since burlesque Is a common profession in the pin-up community, I wanted to talk to real burlesque dancers to help women who are looking to get more of an understanding of burlesque. I asked two burlesque dancers questions concerning burlesque. Such as how they felt being modern-day burlesque dancers.

 Bettina May, Burlesque vintage modern, Lucy Luxe,
Portrait Shot by @LelandBobbé Model: Bettina May
It fills me with joy, to be onstage dancing for the audience, and to share that connection for that time with them. There's nothing like that in the world. It's such an intimate feeling like we're all part of something very special together. The only opinion that matters is your own. If you live your life to please or impress others, you may not enjoy a life in burlesque.
 Bettina May, Burlesque vintage modern, Lucy Luxe,
Shot by @brisbane_boudoir Model: Lucy Luxe
I see burlesque as an opportunity to both love and express myself. And have found the environment to be very rewarding and supportive of this. I would encourage other women and men to think of the potential positives that may come into their life as a result of exploring burlesque, versus potential judgment. What others may think is beyond your control and if it's something you genuinely want to try, the opinions of others shouldn't stop you.