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How To Dress Like Pinup Girl Everyday

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Pinup fashion is gaining popularity again. More people are embracing the classic but sensual look, you’ve probably even seen one of your favorite celebs rockin' pinup style clothing such as Cardi B, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj (As seen in the picture to the left) or maybe you've seen some pinup Instagrammers rocking the look, but when you go to these sites that sell pin-up style clothing and sneak a look at the price you realize that a regula' smegula' gal' such as yourself isn't cut out for such a look. So here you are reading this article thinking it's pointless. You'll never be as glamorous as these women unless you sell an arm and a leg and your first born child. These women are celebrities for Pete sakes! Keyword, celebrities. Yes, they may have money and the connections to the worlds best stylist, fanbases that accept them whether they're wearing a trash bag or the latest Eves Saint Laurent dress. But it really doesn't take that. Pinup fashion and lifestyle is all about not being perfect, being your own person, and most importantly having fun! It's your imperfections that make the look.

It's the fun you're having that adds the sensuality to it and the carefree attitude that pulls the look all together. Yes, of course, the clothes are an important part of the look as well, but when you're done reading this article you'll realize that really is the least complicated part. Being a full-time pinup girl takes a certain kind of women - No, I don't mean you have to look a certain way, I mean you have to have the personality - Thick skin, adventurous, A rebel of sorts. That's what I mean when I say "Find your inner pinup girl" Not finding a tight curve-hugging dress and putting on some red lipstick. I mean finding your confidence. Finding the courage within yourself to be yourself and make no apologies for it. Imagine this, you buy a pinup style dress put on your red lipstick, wing your eyeliner perfectly. For god sakes, you even put on a petticoat! You step out your house and into the city, only to get stared at. Now there you are, all awkward wondering what they're thinking and assuming they're thinking the worst. And after that experience, you never wear pinup style fashion again. This is where your mindset comes into play, are you going to fold under pressure? or are you going to be yourself no matter what?

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Once you've got your mindset in check it's time for the fun part the Look! Your style also determines what type of pinup girl you are. Here's an article I wrote explaining five types of pinup girls that most people fall into: Which pinup girl are you? but this article will focus mainly on adding elements of pinup fashion to your look.

1. Pinup Makeup

Classic pin-up style makeup usually consists of winged eyeliner, rouge, and red lipstick. Just put in those three items and you'll be set. You don't need to put on a full face of makeup every day to be a pinup girl. If you don't want to bother to perfectly wing your eyeliner everyday wear some cat-eye sunglasses.

2. Pinup Hair

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Pinup hairstyles can seem a bit intimidating at first. All the hot rollers and hairspray.
and not to mention the complicated scarf hairstyles! You'll never be able to spend that much time on your hair every day. Well, for those days where you in a rush try tieing up your hair in a scarf and just doing your bangs.

3. Pinup Outfit

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This depends on the season, your outfit can consist of mink coats to curve-hugging summer dresses. But I'll focus mainly on pin-up style fashion for warmer weather. For those days when you're in a rush just wear a peasant top and some jeans. Roll your jeans up so it looks more pinup style and put on some mary janes to complete the look.