Saturday, September 22, 2018

Pinup Up-do Hairstyle Tutorial For Afro American Hair

There's a lack of Vintage hairstyles for Afro-American women with natural hair on the inters of net. So I as an Afro American women with natural hair, I had to teach myself how to do iconic vintage hairstyles with the texture of hair I have. And I decided to start doing vintage hair tutorials for Afro-American women with natural hair. This updo is fast and easy to do, it's my go-to when I'm in a rush and don't feel like doing my hair but still have that classic pinup look to it.
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  For this look you'll need:
1. A Hair clip or Bobby pin
2. A small square scarf
3. Argan oil Eco Gel
4. A Spray bottle
5. A wide tooth comb
6. Shea moisture curl cream
7. Detangler brush

Take your scarf and fold it so it looks like a triangle, then fill your spray bottle with water and wet your hair get it wet enough so you can run your wide-tooth comb through it without ripping out your hair out. Never try to style your hair when it's dry. Comb a bit of your hair upfront and part it so it looks like bangs take some of your gel and curl cream and run it through until it looks slick.

Then comb all of your hair upwards then use one hand to hold it in place while you dip the other in the argan oil eco-gel (I say argan oil because it holds your hair in place the best) and slick it upwards make sure you get the edges of your hair as well. Take the scarf and tie around your head. There should be a part of the scarf in the back sticking up at this point but just tuck that in.
Then take some of the curl cream and rub into your hair, take your detangler brush and run it through until all of your hair is curled. Now it's time to refocus on your bangs, Take them and gently roll them to whichever side you like them on. Take the clip or bobby pin and clip it in place. There you have it! A quick and easy vintage updo for Afro-American women with natural hair!
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