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The House Of Adornments: Adorn Yourself With Modern Vintage Classics

Ah, jewelry one of the most important parts of a pin-up girl’s look. But real authentic jewelry vintage can be a bit costly. And on this blog where I encourage normal everyday women to find their inner pin-up girl, I know most of us don't have the money to just spend 200 dollars on a hairpin. So I did a little research and found a shop called House of adornments. It's a shop that sells modern pin-up vintage style accessories for half the price. I talked to the shop's owner Leslie Homan to get to know more about her amazing shop.
Here's how it went:
How and why did you start House Of Adornments?
House of a adornments vintage pinup accessories
I have always made my own jewelry, accessories, and clothing. I have been designing sterling silver jewelry for 18 years now under my brand Femme Metale Since my vintage and handmade pieces didn't' actually fit in with my sterling silver I found Etsy to be a great place to share these items with the world.
You can shop at Leslie's store Here

I love your shop's name, How'd you come up with it?
House of a adornments vintage pinup accessories
I just love how special and fancy it sounds. People have been adorning themselves since the dawn of time so I thought it fitting.

What's Your Favorite design so far and why?
House of a adornments vintage pinup accessories
I am really obsessed with my deconstructed Rosaries especially the ones with pinup girls. They are odd yet beautiful.

Do you wear your designs yourself?
House of a adornments vintage pinup accessories
"Yes, every day! It feels weird to wear other people's designs, the goal is to sell my pieces. What better way than to wear them and start a conversation."

How do you want people to feel when they wear your accessories?
House of a adornments vintage pinup accessories
"Special. Each piece of OOAK jewelry comes from my love of art, pop culture and the odd."

Do you wear pin-up style fashion in real life?
"Sometimes, I am more of a chameleon, I dress for my mood."

Falls coming soon any new designs we can look forward to?
House of a adornments, vintage pinup accessories
"I will be soon launching some super fun new pieces, not sure what they will be but I have tons of inspiration waiting for me to jump in."
You can shop at Leslie's shop here: