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"Let The Poor Girl Go! My Friend Did Not Kill Herself!" Jane Russell Says About Marilyn Monroe's Death

Jane Russell tells all about her experience with Marilyn Monroe on the set of gentlemen prefer blondes,
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In an interview with Jane expresses how she feels about tabloids contently discussing Her co-star in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Tragic death. Stating “Let the poor girl go” and also stating how she would feel if she were dead and the same thing happened to her when she dies.

Watch this 20-minute video compilation of interviews she's done with the press about the subject:
Despite a rumored fued, the tabloids struck up between the two. Jane had nothing but kind things to say about Marilyn as she reminisced about their time on set together stating that:

"She was a very shy and sensitive girl."

"You've just kissed Marilyn Monroe. What was it like?"

he replied:

"It felt like I was being swallowed alive!"

(Sorry fellas I guess your dreams about kissin' Marilyn Monroe are smashed...)
Apparently, Marilyn overheard it and ran into her dressing room crying.

She also did not think that Marilyn Killed herself stating that "Someone did it for her. There were dirty tricks somewhere" her reasoning behind not believing she killed herself was that she was planning on marrying again sand that she had a new movie contract. When the interviewer suggested that Jack and Bobby Kennedy were involved she nodded her head in agreement. Stating:

"Soon after Marilyn died, I met Bobby Kennedy and he looked at me as if to say "I am your enemy."

Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her hotel room on August 5, 1962.
She was found nude on her bed with her hand on her phone she had taken 40 pills. She had died of a drug overdose. But some still to this day think she didn't kill herself and that her death was a homicide.

What do you think?
Did Marilyn really kill herself or was it a cover-up?
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