Saturday, June 30, 2018

Meet The Titanic Survivor Who Changed Your Sex Life

Pinup style lingerie
Ah, lingerie. One of the most important parts of your outfit and one of the most exciting to put on (and for your lover to take off) Most women have worn it at some point of their life either to spice things up in the bedroom or they just simply want to feel sexy for themselves. Some can't even wait until they're of-age to start wearing it, Burlesque star Dita Von Teese recalled when she would sneak in her mom's lingerie drawer (and her grandmother's too!) But who invented such a revolutionary garment?

Well, Meet Lucy Christiana:

Yes, this is the women who changed everyone's sex life for the better.
Nope, she's not some exotic dancer who came up with a great Idea to get more people to come to her show. She's actually was a leading fashion designer from London England. She also was a survivor of the Titanic. She was in one of the last lifeboats lowered from the Titanic "Everyone seemed to be rushing for that boat" she recalled.

Back in the ninetieth-century women wore heavy corsets with several laces for two reasons, one to get an hourglass shape. And two so on their wedding night their husband would have to undo every lace to show self-control and constraint. But when women started to play sports ride bikes and work after world war one they needed more practical undergarments to wear. Lucy wanted to make lingerie that freed women from wearing such from such a restrictive garment. So she started making corsets smaller but still visually appealing. She also polarized silt skirts and other risque lingerie.

Well, now you can tell people that a titanic survivor changed your sex life.
Now that's what I call a conversation starter!
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