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4 Pin-up Girls Who Had Tragic Deaths

Pin-up girls always have a lot in common, sassy, funny, and sensual personality with a hint of innocents, a body with curves to kill, and impeccable style. But there’s one thing they also have in common that most people overlook. A tragic and horrific death.

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Pin-up girl deaths
She is known as the most sought-after pin-up girl in the world to this day. Marilyn Died of a drug overdose in the early August of 1962 in her house in LA. She had killed herself. She had problems with drug and alcohol abuse for many years. She used it to cope with her troubled past. And when her mental illness it didn't mix well needless to say.

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Pin-up girl deaths
Known as the first internal black superstar at the time and also as the most famous women in the world at the time (1920s) She still had a VERY hard life. Back then it didn't matter how famous you were if you were black. You were still less-than. It was so bad that she had to move to France and become a French citizen were they treated blacks a little better. And that's when she really became a star. She eventually returned to the US. And Gained popularity there. But she still faced a lot of prejudice which she had a hard time coping with it. But even after all she went through she still truly believed that it wasn't the color of somebody's skin that mattered and that you weren't born with hate, you taught it.

Surely the day will come when color means nothing more than skin tone when religion is seen as uniquely as a way to speak one's soul;

when birth places have the weight of a throw of dice and all men are born free, and when understanding breeds love and brotherhood.

She died at the age of 62 of a stroke. She had many of them in her lifetime and this one proved to be too much for her body to handle.

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Pin-up girl deaths
Dorthy died of a drug overdose, her death was ruled an accident but some people don't think it was. Due to the phone call, she had with her ex-sister in law before her death saying things like "Whatever happens, I know you will understand" leaving many to think she killed herself like Marilyn Monroe did. She suffered from depression for many years and many think the stress of her hectic life drove her over the edge.

Pin-up girl deaths
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Jayne died on June 29th, 1967 She was riding with her lover and 3 of her kids when a car crashed into their tractor-trailer. All everyone died but her three kids which one of them you may recognize from the popular show Law and order SVU Mariska Hargitay. Her death was not in vain. After her death A law was past requiring all semi-trucks to have a "DOT bar" or you may know it better by its nickname "The Mansfield bar" Jayne also with alcohol and drug abuse as well.

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