Friday, February 9, 2018

There's A Lot More To Being A Lady Than Just "Dressing Like One"

"If you dress like a lady you get treated like one"

I’m tired of people equating being a lady to just “dressing like one" As if you happen to be covering ninety percent of your body you automatically become a classy, intelligent, and respectable women. Let me say this just because you dressed a certain way does not mean you are a certain way. I recently came across an article that claimed a Women in the vintage fashion community, claimed that and in order for men to treat women with respect they must dress a  certain way. Here are few of her quotes from that article:

I think if girls dressed more demure they would find they would be treated more as adults particularly and treated like ladies.

If you compare a modern day woman with a vintage 1950s lady, the difference is just that - she's a lady.

You walk into a room all the guys are looking at you, just up and down like you're a piece of meat and I think if girls had longer skirts they would feel more confident and safe.

For the first quote, I'd like to point out that she did express that she did think just because a woman dresses a certain way she does not think they should be harassed or
taken advantage of and if they are they're "Asking for it" saying quote:

 I don't believe anyone under any circumstances anyone should be taken advantage of, however when it comes to clothes young women have to take responsibility for their look if they do not wish to be left in a vulnerable position.

My problem with her stance is that she's telling women not to wear what they want in fear of a man (I use the word man loosely) taking advantage of them. Uh, no. It doesn't matter if you're covered head to toe. If a man wants to take advantage of you, he will. How about being aware of your surroundings, teaching men that it's never okay to take advantage of women, teaching women self-defense, and giving them tools such as nail polish that changes color when your drink is drugged to prevent being taken advantage of? I also find it highly offensive and insulting to men that we're treating them like their prepubescent teenagers, who can't think for themselves. Men are responsible for where their eyeballs go and what their hands do. Do not blame a woman because a man has a lack of self-control.

By the way, in the fifties, there was Marilyn Monroe and several other women who dressed scantily clad, It's nothing new.

Also, why are we putting so much pressure on women to be ladies?  If we're going to do that, how about we put that much pressure on a man when he dresses a certain way? Because if we're going to hold women under this much pressure. Whenever a man goes topless and walks in public, I want to see articles on how he's "Not a man" and "To get treated like a man you must act like one." Since this article was posted, she has since written an apology on her blog. Stating that the article took statements out of context, was fabricated, and that "The press is never on your side"

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