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3 Viral Old Hollywood Stories That Are Fake

In this list, you’ll probably see stories that you’ve heard about and even believed but sometimes it pays to do a little research, in this list we’re going to look a 3 varial old Hollywood stories that are fake.

1937 Car Accident Caused By Two Women Wearing Shorts

This photo went viral on the web claiming that two women wore shorts for the first time in public and it resulted in a car crash. It got tons of shares articles were written about it, it was even made into a meme:

A blog called fbinvestigations exposed the story as a fake, and actually, just a photo shoot taking by the Alexandra studio of Toronto, Canada in 1937 and the girls did indeed get a lot of male attention but did not cause an accident.

Time magazines ideal body in the 1950s

A black and white version the picture above picture went viral with a caption claiming that this woman was a model in the 1950s and had the ideal body in the 1950s. Well, she's actually is an adult film star and the picture was actually taken in 2004.

Marlyn Monroe and JFK Caught together

So they did have an affair! these photos of JFK and Marilyn Monroe went viral, and people really thought that this was proof that JFK and Marilyn had an affair, But really this is just a staged photo shoot. With look-alike actors.