Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Modern Woman In Vintage Clothing

The modern women in vintage clothingA woman turned to reddit to express her feelings about being a modern woman that wears vintage fashion,
And it really made me think about how I felt about wearing vintage fashion and the vintage lifestyle.

Here's what she wrote:

I've always loved the vintage aesthetic, both in terms of fashion and interior design. A lot of the older consumer products were built to last, instead of fall apart like the modern versions. I also admire - and sometimes attempt to emulate - certain aspects of vintage life, such as social adroitness, simple living, and a slower-paced lifestyle.

But that being said, I still consider myself a modern girl, mostly because I don't really believe in tradition for tradition's sake. Rather, I believe in picking and choosing whatever traditions add value to your life, and letting go of all the others. I love the convenience of modern technology, consume (mostly) modern media, and identify more with modern values of equality, individuality, and tolerance.

Modern society is quite possibly more tolerant than any other time in history. We can walk around wearing 40's hairstyles and 50's frocks, and while we might get a few weird looks here and there - people generally let you do your thing. But what if you were living in the 50's and wearing clothes from the 1890's? I can imagine the social repercussions would be pretty harsh!

Even though I love vintage aesthetics, I'm glad to have been born in the 80's, and I wonder how many other vintage-styled people feel the same? Or, do you feel like you were born in the wrong decade? Do you hold traditionalist views on issues like family, community, and gender roles? And do you find people make assumptions about said views, based on your appearance?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!"

She made a good point about how much more tolerant it is now than in let's say the 1940s.
Imagination wearing crops tops and high-waisted shorts in the 1920s. Even though we may face some backlash and scrutiny for wearing vintage fashion. It's not as bad as if it were the other way around.
As for my lifestyle, and mindset. It's very modern.
I do find that people make assumptions about my views because of the way I dress.
But it's been very mixed, some people think I must be stuck up and with outdated values. While others think I'm wild and crude. And some people just get outright offended when you dare to wear something different. and make fun of me for no reason.
But, I mostly get compliments on how I dress. I Refuse to let the opinions of a few irrelevant people get to me.

What's your experience being a modern woman in vintage clothing?

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