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Does It Make You A Bad Or Anti-feminist If You Like To Wear Vintage Fashion?

one of the common Questions women who wear vintage/vintage style fashion get asked frequently is "If you're wearing vintage fashion you must want to go back to that era right?" My retort is something along is "What in the actual fudge cake?" said in a much more eloquent way. Frist of all I'm black women so I know how much harder it would be for me than a woman from a non-ethnic background if it was the 1940's or 1950's so I'm not just going just be like "Oh yeah let's go back to the way it was in the 1930s!" I happen to see a post on Reddit of a woman who claimed that a man told her she was a bad feminist  because she took a liking to 1950's style fashion (I recommend checking the post out some of the comments had me rolling)  one comment that caught my eye is one from a user called mompants69  "Literally every fashion trend from that past (and present) Happened in that "patriarchal" era so he can go kick rocks!"  I understand where this user is coming from, but I also understand where a man (or woman) is coming from because the common attire Housewives wore is often 1950s style. Now is there a problem with a being a housewife? no. But back in the 1950s, that's all women were really expected to be. But with that said, just because you admire a style of clothing from a certain era, doesn't mean you want to go back to it nor does it make you a bad feminist. Women should be able to be whoever they want to be So you wanna be a housewife? be one! want to focus on your career? get it, girl! To me, it's very anti women's rights to tell a woman what she should wear or not to wear. But Enough of me blabbering, what do you think? Do you think women should stop admiring vintage fashion because it comes from a time when women were oppressed? or do you think that women should do and wear what they want?


  1. Absolutely not! You can still be a feminist and wear what you want. Doing what you want is part of being a feminist! Additionally, most of the feminists I know wear regular vintage on a daily basis. There are many who have images that they feature that read "Vintage Style Not Vintage Values" and that is a great sentiment. I also know others who really do turn the clock back and believe in vintage values, but that number I know is far fewer.


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