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3 Things You Didn't Know About 3 Of Old Hollywood's Most Iconic Actors That May Surprise You

With everything coming out about Harvey Weinstein, It really opened my eyes and made me think differently about Hollywood. It made me realize that everything that glitters isn't gold. I don't know about you, but when I think about the actors from the golden era I think they're some perfect beings that could do no wrong. So it's safe to say I sometimes forget that they're humans that have flaws just like anyone else. So here are some things that may surprise you about Old Hollywood's most iconic actors.

Secrets about old Hollywood's most iconic actors
Clark Gable
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Yes, this handsome dreamboat Knew he was handsome and used his fame and looks to get in the pants of Hollywood's most beautiful women. And also impregnating them. Yes, he allegedly impregnated actors such as Joan Crawford and Loretta Young  Joan eventually had an abortion. Loretta, on the other hand, was a devout Catholic and refused to abort her baby. Instead, she disappeared from the public and resurfaced with a supposedly "adopted" baby girl that was rumored to actually be Gable's child.

The rumors were finally confirmed to be true after the release of her memoir, after her death. But it gets even messier, Loretta's daughter in law Linda Lewis tells a troubling story after Loretta's death on how Loretta and Gable conceived their daughter. In an interview with Buzzfeed Linda says while Loretta was watching Larry King Live, Loretta heard the term "Date Rape" she became curious and asked Lewis about it. Once Lewis explained, she said that it sounded a lot like how she conceived her child with Gable.

Since Loretta was a devout Catholic, she wanted to save herself for marriage. But, after shooting a movie together, Gable went to Loretta's compartment and they did the deed. Afterward, Loretta felt guilty. But after learning what date rape was, and seeing the similarities in what happened to her, she didn't feel guilty anymore and it gave her a new mindset on things. But the question everyone asking is "Why wait all these years to come forward?" Lewis replied:

"I realized that it's almost every day, all these rapes, and the men just keep getting away with it."

After reading this, I realized that what Harvey has "allegedly" done is nothing new. It's just been hidden. There are probably tons of women Like Loretta who been raped or harassed but are afraid that people won't believe them or don't know what different forms of rape are. Thankfully women are taking a stand against workplace harassment and coming out publicly with their stories with the hashtag "Me too" and hopefully, these men will no longer be getting away with it.

Secrets about old Hollywood's most iconic actors
Kathern Hepburn
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Imagine finding your brother's dead body after he committed suicide. Well, that's what happened to Hepburn. Her brother Tom, who was only sixteen at the time, hung himself and Hepburn discovered the body. Years later, after her death her troubled grandson, Andrew Embiricos was found dead in his apartment. He was battling drug addiction and had already attempted to commit suicide on a separate occasion. His body was discovered lying on his bed, with a plastic bag on his head. (Talk about history repeating itself....)

If you or a loved one is feeling depressed, please call the national suicide hotline:1-800-273-8255 and know that there is always hope.

Secrets about old Hollywood's most iconic actors
Rita Hayworth
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Rita was one of the most popular and beautiful actors of all time, she even popularised wearing red nails. But would you believe it if I told you she suffered extreme mental abuse at the hands of multiple men such as her first husband? and was forced to de-latinize and whitewash herself to become a star in Hollywood?  Racism is still alive and well industry but thankfully, you don't have to pretend to be another race to be a star anymore.

What was the most surprising thing you found out on this list?