Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Give An Old School Twist To Your Modern Wardrobe (For Men And Women!)

Get the classic look.

How to get the classic lookContrary to popular belief, my audience is 50% women and 50% percent men, but I really don't have any Retro style advice for men on this blog because you know I'm a girl and I really don't have any experience in menswear but I did some research on it so today I'm going to focus on the men who read my blog as well as the women (I didn't forget you ladies!)

So if you're looking to dress like a "classic man"
(or woman) this blog post is for you!

Retro style tips for men.
How to get the classic look

If you're buying a suit get it tailored.
Nothing looks worse than a poorly fitted suit.

Quality is worth the money.
While you can find some suits for a relatively reasonable price many do cost a pretty penny but there is a reason for that it's made out of better quality material so you won't have to buy suit after suit.

Figure out what kind of tie you like.
Would are you a bow tie kind of guy? or maybe you prefer a bolo tie? it's important to know this so you can pair it with the right kind of suit or outfit.

You don't need a suit to look, classic.
You can always just wear a white button up shirt with black pants and loafers. 

Retro style tips for women.
How to get the classic look

Always keep a scarf in handy.
Bad hair day? no worries just throw your hair up into a classic vintage turban and bam out the door!

Lip liner is your friend
Line your lips with a slightly darker shade of red before applying your lipstick, it gives your red lips an extra pop of color.

Always have a little black dress 
Have a date but he didn't mention where you'll be going and don't know whether or not you're going dancing at an upscale club to wear your fanciest dress and highest heels or just going out for a bite to eat and to just wear a nice Tee shirt and jeans? No worries!  just throw on a little black dress and keep some bold jewelry in your handbag so if you do end up going to that upscale club you can just put it on or if you don't just keep it in your bag.

Now my Dapper Dans and Vintage Vixens go on and dazzle the world with your amazing style!


See you in the next post!

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