Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Can You Wear Stockings Outside The Bedroom?

These aren't the kind you stuff...

Women in the 1940's and so on often wore stockings, to be more specific stem stockings. when women didn't have money to buy them, they would get some black paint and a small brush and paint a straight line up their legs. (It was very important that the line is straight.) but now Stockings are more known for being something you wear in the bedroom. Not as everyday or casual attire. so today I am going to show you 3 stockings that women in the past wore in everyday life.

Thigh High stockings
In a rush? just slip on some thigh-highs and out the door, you go!
Garter Stockings
Vintage stocking ad

This is a go-to classic look and the good thing about these stockings that at the garter part you can have a sexy lace or print design but at the bottom, it's simple pain nude, black, or white so you don't feel too bold.

Seamed stockings.
Seamed stockingsWanna feel like a vintage vixen? then seemed stockings are they way to go!

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