Thursday, April 6, 2017

Vintage Trends: Tattoos Do They Ruin The Look?

Pin-ups with tattoos
Photo credit: Pinterest
A trend started in the 1800's and became even more popular after the Civil war. and has gone in and out of style since then. In the 1970's it became common for men and women to have tattoos now you see actors, Barbie dolls, models, and celebrities so naturally everyone wanted to look like their favorite celebrities and got tattoos. Some people say it's a great way of self-expression, others think it makes you look unprofessional, ghetto, lose, and that it sends a bad message to young girls. I like people express their personality, especially in a creative way. And now it's so common that no one really cares if you have a tattoo or not, I find that it's usually older people that are used to how it was in the 1950s that have a problem with it.

Look, life is short. Do you. unapologetically.

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