Saturday, March 11, 2017

Is Pin-up Style The Right Style For You?

So I have a series on this blog called "Get the pin-up look" that helps you get certain  looks from pin-up girls like Mae West or Marilyn Monroe  but for those of  you who don't really know what pin-up style is or what it's about this post is to answer two questions "What Is a Pin-up girl?"  "What Is Pin-up style?"
) The Girl.
What is pin-up style?

Pin-up girls were mostly burlesque dancers, dancers, actresses, models, and dancers who wanted to get more promotion for their act show, etc so they took risque photos to promote their show, product, etc.
) The Look.
What is pin-up style?

The classic pin-up look, Rosey red cheeks, Ruby red lips, and eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man to know how to obtain the many different looks check out my last article that has a more in-depth explanation: The A - Z Guide On Dressing Like A Pin-up Girl.

) The Obsession.
What is pin-up style?
Brands would hire them to wear their product or hire a cartoonist to paint them wearing or advertising their product to create more sales they got so popular People would Pin their pictures up on a wall that's where the term "Pin-up Girl" came from.

What Do You Think?
What is pin-up style?

Do you love Pin-up style? or do you think that you'll just stick with more Modern trends?

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