Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Best Way To Wear Vintage Eye Wear.

Want to rock some vintage eyewear? but don't know how to wear it? 
here are 3 basic looks to help you get started!

) The Cat eye.
1956 Vogue model.
This model is wearing A hipbone
length all in one girdle.

Women in the 1950's 1960's such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor often wore Cat eye glasses worn with  B-52 (Bee-hive) hair styles, pair with a nicely fitted 1960's style suit and square-toed heels for the perfect 1960's look.

) The Hipster
The ever-popular hipster glasses a trend started in the 1920's that's come in and out of style trough out the years, pair them with gray or light colored suit pants, a nice white V-neck blouse Moccasins flats.

 3 )  Round lens

One of the first frames glasses came in, pair these with a nicely fitted gray or black pencil skirt, wool beret and neutral colored flats for a simple but put together look.

Pin-up tip of the day.
There's no right or wrong way to wears these glasses mix and match and play around with different styles to find the right look for you.

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