Saturday, February 18, 2017

Working Out As A Pin-up Girl (How to Still look Glamorous Even When You're Working Out!)

Vintage workout wear
I'm in a bit of a pickle, I workout often I'm aware that there's swimwear for Pin-up girl's but I can't find any workout wear for Pin-ups such as myself I've looked all around but the closest thing I can find to it is 70's workout wear You know tights with a swim suit over them yeah not my style so I did an experiment with different Pin-up looks and went inside my local Gym and wore several different looks so today I'm am going to show you 3 easy looks so you can still look your best even when working up a sweat!

) The Peach At The Beach.
Vintage workout wearLike to be in the water? so do I here's a look that will have heads turning when you take a dip.
For this look you'll need:

A two piece Poka-a-Dot bikini.
Open-toe Pumps.

Pin-up tip of the day.
Don't want your hair messed up while taking a dip?
Women in the 40's and 50's wore decorated swim caps so they still look glamorous even when diving to find them just Google search "Vintage style swim caps".

 2 ) The Retro Biker 
Vintage workout wear

Love to bike around town? here an easy look to add some vintage glamor to your look but still be able to bike comfortably.

with matching shorts.
and matching Convers.

Pin-up tip.
cold out? switch the top for a warm sweater and switch the shorts for capris or comfortable suit pants.

) The Retro Vixen
Vintage workout wear,
Love yoga? then you'll love this look.
for this you'll need:

Black tights 
low cut black shirt
And if you're feeling bold, wear lingerie with a pattern on it and have it peak just a little bit out for under your top.

Those are my 3 looks, I'll probably do a part two to this
 so stay tuned!

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