Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wanna Rock A Retro look? Here Are 3 Tips To Help You Get Started!

How to wear retro style clothing
Something I've heard a lot when talking to women about Vintage Fashion is "I would love to dress like a Pin-up girl but I don't want People to make fun of me." for example, I was talking to some friends of mine about Vintage fashion and one of them said " I've always have wanted to wear a Poodle skirt and Pumps, but I just don't have the courage to." Now I've been dressing in vintage fashion for a while now and I usually always get positive feedback but I do get some rude comments from time to time. "You look like an Old lady!" "That style was In about 50 years ago" "Don't you wanna look normal?" etc, but I never really cared because I truly love dressing in Vintage Fashion and I don't feel comfortable In anything else but I get why some women might be a little weary because in most places you stick out like a sore thumb just Imagine you're walking in Town Square where most people are wearing let's say Jeans And a Tee shirt and there you are, Petticoat and all. you're gonna get some stares So here are 3  things you can add to your look. that are a little less.... In your face.

1) Put a Flower in your hair.
This is a nice way to add a hint of Rockabilly to your look.

2) Pearl earrings.
This is a nice subtle way to add some 1950's Glamor to your look.

3)Vintage Lingerie.
Maybe you can't be a sexy Pin-up yet,
but you can be whoever you want to be under your clothes, wear some Vintage lingerie
If you don't know where to look, use The Vintage Map.

Just add on gradually, and eventually
you'll be rockin' your Poodle skirt without a care in the world!



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