Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ultimate Guide To Dressing Like A Rockabilly! (For Girls)

Dan decarlo
Have a vintage themed party coming up? or just wanna get into the Rockabilly lifestyle but just don't know what to wear? here are 3 basic rockabilly looks to help you get started!

1. The Casual Rebel.
For this look, you'll need...

  • Petty coat.
It makes your skirt look fuller.
  • Full circle skirt, or poodle skirt.
Make sure it finishes right below the knee.

      • Bustier or Corset.
It makes your waist look smaller for an hourglass look.

            • Sneakers.
Unisex or women's sneakers.
            • A Cardigan
It doesn't really matter if it's long or short.

2. Dancin' Queen.
For this look, you'll need...

            • A Cocktail dress with a scoop neckline.
Make sure it stops just below the knee.

            • Pointed Toe Pumps.
You can have them in any color, print or they decorated with gems.

3. Rebel chic.
For this look, you'll need...

            • Denim jeans or capris.
If you don't wanna buy both, then just buy some jeans and fold em' up just above the knee.

            • Plaid Vest.
Tie it up midway.

            • Platform Heels.
If you don't like heels, then you can just wear some flats.

            • A Bandana.
Did I Miss anything?

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