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How To Save Money With Vintage Party Wear

So most people I've talked to think you have to be rich to wear vintage clothing, especially vintage party wear and I admit some vintage retailers do ask for a pretty penny. For instants, William Vintage most (Not all) of the items they sell are 1,000+ dollars,  So if you have some spare cash laying around you might wanna check them out.  But for those of us who are not rollin' in dough. Here are some tips on how to not cry when you take a look at your bank account balance.

Do what Cinderella did and use what you have to enhance your outfit.

You're not gonna get anywhere if you don't know how to be creative when you're dealing with vintage fashion nine times out of ten, you're gonna need to change a few things up. For instants, I had bought a Vintage 1950's dress, It had a ribbon around the waist area but I didn't think that color of ribbon looked good in that dress, so I took it off and added a new one That complemented the color of the dress with vintage fashion you're gonna have to make some adjustments.

Know where to look.
Smaller shops tend to have lower prices.
If you have trouble finding some use The Vintage Map.
They have vintage stores listed from all over the world
I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Or you could just do it the good old fashioned way, and go to the thrift store you can also find some really good stuff there.

Keep it simple.
Don't wear a fur shawl and a diamond necklace if you're just going to a cocktail party a little black or dark colored dress will do, or if you want to mix it up you can wear a Sheath Dress to show off your curves. Don't try to overdo it and end up spending 8,000 dollars and end up explaining to your family why you're faking your death.

Hope this Helped!


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