Monday, December 5, 2016

You Will Thank Me - 3 Tips About traveling like a pin-up girl You Need To Know.

So if you're reading this post I'm guessing you saw how fabulous Dita Von Tese or Betty Grable look when they're traveling and wanted to know how to not look like a car/jet-lagged mess when traveling. 

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Art by Bill Wenzel

  • Keep your makeup bag in your purse.
I can not tell you how many times I have gone traveling and have overheard a girl say "left my makeup bag in my luggage! and I need to touch up my makeup!" at least have your compact, red lipstick and mascara in your purse  for easy access for touch-ups and a little tip if you have bags under your eyes or your eyes get red have you favorite cat-eye sunglasses in your purse too (you can thank me later.)

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  • Have your hair in a head wrap. 
Now if you plan to fall asleep in the plane/car nine times out of ten your hair will get messy and instead of taking extra time to fix your hair up you can have it in a wrap like this: 

vintage head wrap,pin-up girl,vintage makeup,vintage style,Vintage clothing,

It saves you the time and sometimes embarrassment if
you're traveling with people. 
  • Keep it simple.

Don't wear your highest heels or your tightest dress, keep it simple with flats and a black or dark-colored dress that you can dress up or down.

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I hope these tips helped!
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