Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vintage shops of the day #2 Trendy days.

  • Trend #1 Long  pearl neckless 1920's
pearl,pearls,vintage,1920s,vintage outfits, flapper girl,Vintage clothing,vintage style,vintage girl,
Mary Louise Brooks
Wanna feel like Anita page? (The queen of pearls!) then check out Pearlparadise,
 they sell almost every kind of pearl neckless I bet you'll find one that suits you best!

  • Trend #2 A good coat 1947-1962
Vintage clothing,fur coat,vintage style,Bill wenzel,1960s,Hipster,vintage girl,
Art by bill Wenzel
Wanna feel like Jayne Mansfield?( now that girl can rock a fur coat!)
check out Dressingvintage their coats are stunning!

  • Trend #3 1940-1950's creative hats.

vintage style,Vintage clothing,vintage hat,1940s,Hipster,vintage girl,
shot by Philippe potter
Wanna feel like bunny yeager? check out dandelionvintage 
they sell gorgeous vintage style hats so if your looking for some good hats go check em' out!

Those are my picks of the week,

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