Saturday, July 16, 2016

Glamour Girls!

Ever see a cartoon /comic character like Jessica rabbit, miss red hot riding hood, etc.
and say wow she's so glamorous! well, today we will be looking at some glamorous Pin-up girls.

Bill ward.

Okay, I was looking for pictures of this artist and
 might I add he was very attractive.😏
What? don't act like you weren't
 thinking it too! back to the pin-up art!

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Art by Bill Ward.
Glamor girls!

Ah, Bill Ward's pin-up girls their signature curves love of mink coats
and their glamorous and risque style is why they are on the top of my list.
seductive and risque are the words I would use describe His girls.

Dave berg

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dave's Pin-ups are curvy bombshells, that mine lounging around with next to nothing on.
sexy and confident are what I use to describe them.

Art by bill Wenzel.

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Wenzell's Pin-up are the perfect mixture of cute and glamorous, their impeccable style
and laid back personalities is why they're on this list.

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